Announcing My Candidacy for the United States Congress

Good afternoon. My name is Mayra Joli. I am an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and a proud Citizen of the United States of America. My ancestors were brought in bondage from West Africa across the Atlantic to suffer as slaves in the sugarcane fields of Haiti. Today, with my heart dedicated to the values of freedom and justice for all, under God, I announce my candidacy to be your representative in the United States Congress for Florida’s 27th Congressional District!!

The purpose of this campaign is to bring a new idea to government. We must stop a political cycle where the goal of politicians is to preserve their power…at all costs…to detriment of the people who have hired them to do a job that is not getting done. What we have now is government for the sake of government. What we need is government by and for the people.

Both mainstream political parties have failed their constituents by doing things counter-productive to the good of the whole. Direct representation is the answer. We must vote against the party establishment and our current do-nothing government by voting for for a non-party affiliated candidates…and get others to join us in this effort.

In this campaign, I am asking you to start a revolution against the status quo and elect someone who affiliates with no organized political party, and who will be directly responsive to you, the voter. I will not be swayed by any party platform packed with special interest issues and paid for by lobbyist influence. I ask you today to cast your vote NPA (non-party affiliated)…to change the way you are represented. South Florida is uniquely positioned in this 2018 Congressional race to create a spark of hope for real change that will ignite a movement across the country. As South Florida goes, so shall go the nation! Rise with me and let’s take our government back! We can lead the revolution!

Start the spark and light the true fire of change. End the dominance of the establishment political parties. Vote NPA. Vote Mayra Joli.

To see where I stand on the issues, go to Make a donation and join our team. We are going to do something that has never been done before. Be a part of the new political reality!

“Be the light from which the world is lit.”

May God Bless You and may God Bless the United States of America!!

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