Mayra Joli


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The Economy

  1. Mayra believes that our federal government should support free economic markets and encourage new business development and growth through policies advocating lower business taxes and less regulation. Mayra trusts the marketplace and disfavors big government control and over-taxation of the inherent power of our capital-based economy.
  2. Mayra believes that the federal government should develop a balanced budget every year. Deficit spending must be stopped. Like any business or family budget, we need to look at the “bottom line” and hold our elected representatives to that standard. Mayra supports balanced budget initiatives, including a Constitutional Amendment to require a balanced federal budget.
  3. Mayra believes the highways, bridges, and airports of our great nation must be repaired and rebuilt for the safety of those who use them and for the good of our economy. Mayra supports smart federal spending for a national infrastructure improvement program to take place over the next 20 years.
  4. Mayra believes that all people should receive equal pay for equal work and that discrimination in any form in the workplace is wrong. By providing a reasonable minimum wage and a uniform basis for compensation for all employees, our economy will grow to benefit everyone. Mayra will support workers so they may succeed in achieving the American dream in relation to the effort they put forth.

The Environment

  1. Mayra believes that the preservation of our environment is essential for our South Florida economy and way of life. She believes that caring for the environment starts in our immediate surroundings, since land pollution can start not just by industrial waste but also household garbage. Mayra believes we must reduce waste and ensure that our city surroundings are clean. The United States tops the list of world nations, with 274 cities with the cleanest air. However, Mayra supports efforts to reduce carbon-based emissions if they are causing global climate change. Mayra believes in strengthening our nation, state, and local governments’ ability to deal with the effects of climate change (like rising sea-levels), no matter the cause of climate change, including the Paris Agreement, Yet Mayra opposes any agreement that would lead to losing our ability to make autonomous decisions to what is in the best interest of our nation.
  2. Mayra believes in preserving our national resources through fully funding our Federal Parks System and restricting oil drilling, natural gas fracking, and mining where the impacts would cause destruction of native habitats or other environmental degradation. Mayra supports restriction of off shore drilling on Florida’s East Coast.
  3. Mayra believes that we should continue to promote and develop renewable sources of energy and re-double support for recycling and recycling awareness on a national level. Mayra supports alternatives to the single-rider auto (walking, biking, carpooling and public transit systems) and opposes new roads that would cut up public spaces, damage existing neighborhoods or create urban congestion without addressing the need for appropriate infrastructure improvements and green spaces as each development proceeds, or older developments are re-built.


  1. Mayra believes that comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue. Our current system must be overhauled to address those now here in the United States who deserve a chance to stay and establish clear policy and rules going forward on who will be admitted and how our borders must be secured.
  2. Mayra believes that immigrant visas for employment should be based on a point system, similar to those used successfully for decades by Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Mayra supports this element of RAISE Act proposed by U. S. Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue (2017) (Senate Bill S.354).
  3. Mayra believes in uniform enforcement of immigration laws and to this end, providing government-sponsored legal services for unaccompanied alien children (UAC) who enter the United States and who are subject to deportation.
  4. Mayra, an immigrant herself, believes everyone who desires to immigrate to the United States should be given the right to apply under a reasonable set of rules. However, those who seek to enter illegally, when an established, legal, path to residency or citizenship is available (which is ignored) must suffer the consequences of their own actions, and be subject to deportation and other reasonable penalties.
  5. Mayra believes that unlawful immigration to the United States is being encouraged by U.S. companies who seek to exploit the immigrant worker for reduced labor costs, thereby taking jobs away from legal American workers, and causing an unsustainable burden on federal and state social services, education and health benefit systems. Mayra supports cancellation of federal funding to sanctuary cities that fail to enforce United States Immigration laws. Mayra supports the creation of a skill-based immigration system that is more responsive to the needs of our economy and preserves the quality of jobs available to American workers.


  1. Mayra believes that our current healthcare system is not working for the average American. Mayra supports the establishment of a market-based healthcare system and health savings accounts (HSA) that would allow Americans to control their own medical care, while having lower premiums and manageable deductibles and co-pays.
  2. Mayra believes we must focus on good healthcare before we get sick. Eating more wholesome food, including avoiding processed foods, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, must be promoted at the national level to bring down the cost of healthcare, now too often delivered on the “back end” after sickness and disease are present. Mayra supports the overhaul of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including efforts to determine whether the regulation of food and drugs may be misdirected or counter-productive to the health of our people.

National Defense/Foreign Policy

  1. Mayra believes in a strong military to defend our borders, our allies and our interests around the world. Mayra supports the funding of a “missile defense shield” for our nation to protect us from missile threats from North Korea or any other nation or terrorist organization seeking to do harm through the use of nuclear weapons.
  2. Mayra believes that the United States has become too vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Mayra supports an all-out effort, through a dedicated national task force (including potential government – private partnerships), to combat cyber attacks on our national, state, and local governments, businesses, and vital infrastructure.
  3. Mayra believes that the world could learn from the great American experience and that expansion of the American ideals of freedom, equality, and the rule of law around the globe to developing countries and those in need should be made a priority. To do so would bring more understanding and peace to our troubled world. Mayra supports expansion of the Peace Corps and advocates 2 years of mandatory public service by every able bodied American upon reaching the age of 18, either in the military, Peace Corps, or other public service.
  4. Mayra believes that the United States must build coalitions among its allies to eliminate the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism anywhere it exists in the world. All nations who have an interest in preventing terror must contribute financially and militarily toward this goal. Mayra supports global diplomatic and military action against terror groups and any government providing safe haven or support to such groups.
  5. Mayra believes the State of Israel is our most loyal and trusted ally in the war against terror and in preserving and promoting the ideals of democracy in the Middle East, and beyond. Mayra supports moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and supports the expansion of Israeli settlements in lands under the jurisdiction of The State of Israel. Mayra is opposed to a “two state” solution for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and advocates a democratic solution, with a sharing of power among all people within The State of Israel.
  6. Mayra believes that the United States should maintain a strong military with the ability to exert force around the globe through rapid deployment of military assets and technologically advanced weapons and defensive systems. Mayra supports the development of smart and effective military technology, including space-based defensive systems and advanced robotic warfare capabilities.

Social Issues

  1. Mayra believes that human life should be protected and preserved. Mayra believes it is a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body, within limits. Mayra supports restrictions on abortion beyond the first trimester of pregnancy and is personally opposed to abortion on demand, as she believes life begins at conception. Mayra supports elimination of the death penalty, in favor of life imprisonment, without parole. In keeping with the goals to provide fiscal discipline for our criminal justice system and to preserve human life, eliminating the death penalty is both less costly and more humane.
  2. Mayra believes that we must defend human rights both domestically and internationally. Mayra supports same sex marriage and LGBTQ rights for the open and equal expression of individual freedoms. Mayra supports tough laws against human trafficking with a focus on eliminating Internet-based exploitation of children.
  3. Mayra believes that concerted efforts in support of human rights to establish the rule of law in nations where genocide, sexual exploitation, and slavery are still prevalent should be a major feature of our foreign policy directed toward those nations.
  4. Mayra believes that religious-based value debate deserves a place in the public square of America and that government should not restrict an individual’s or organization’s right to open practice and expression of religious faith, whether from the church pulpit, or otherwise. Mayra opposes a secular humanist federal government bureaucracy imposing its will on our children through national education doctrine that undermines the moral education provided by concerned parents and clergy at the family and local community level of our society.

Constitutional Rights

  1. Mayra believes in the Second Amendment right for individual citizens to bear arms in self-defense. Mayra is a member of the National Rifle Association and supports the enforcement of existing federal gun laws. Mayra supports a national reciprocity law to allow those who have obtained a conceal carry permit in one state, to be allowed to conceal carry in any state.

Marijuana Laws

  1. Mayra believes that our federal laws criminalizing marijuana possession are out of date and add unnecessarily to expenditures for law enforcement, criminal prosecution and prisoner incarceration, which funds would best be allocated elsewhere within the criminal justice system. Mayra believes that current federal marijuana laws are also inconsistent with many state laws, and create uncertainty in the developing economy surrounding the production and sale of medical marijuana and other recreational cannabinoid products. Mayra supports federal de-criminalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana and related cannabinoid products.
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