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Mayra Joli for Congress, Florida's District 27

Mayra Joli for Congress, Florida’s District 27


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Mayra Joli is an immigration attorney, community activist, founder of the Joli Law Firm PLLC, a Brickell based boutique firm, exclusively practicing immigration law, and is one of South Florida’s most intriguing attorneys. She captures the imaginations of her clients and the people she meets, advocating her client’s interests before the Immigration Court with her indefatigable professional savvy and dynamic heart. Mayra Joli was born in the Dominican Republic, immigrated to the United States and found her American Dream as a U.S. Citizen and advocate. Mayra is an excellent wife, mother, attorney and friend, and our very own “Jenny from the block,” who has represented not only her native country, as Mrs. Dominican Republic 2015, but also the neighborhood where she lives, Mrs. Coral Gables 2015, the city where she practices law, Mrs. Miami 2015, and the coastline of the Caribbean that embraces her native island of Hispaniola, Mrs. Caribbean Coast 2015. In her beauty pageant participation and social activism, Mayra’s persona embraces her audience as an ambassador for The Dominican Republic, The United States of America, The State of Florida, and an advocate for social justice. In culmination of her beauty pageant exploits, Mayra was elected by her peers from around the globe as Mrs. World Congeniality 2016 in Dongguan, China.

A true innovator and change agent, Mayra created Fashion Night on Brickell, an annual fundraising event that generates charitable contributions to support legal services for those faced with critical legal problems who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. With her spirit of philanthropy, local Miami-Dade County legal services providers have been able to continue advocating for vulnerable clients such as women and children victimized by a wide range of societal ills including domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, child exploitation, and human trafficking. These clients, who otherwise could not afford professional legal services, gain identity, self-worth, equality of rights, and equal justice under the law.

Beyond her law degree, and pageant work, Mayra is a strong voice for the vulnerable. She cares deeply and compassionately for children’s causes, and is a powerful force to be reckoned with within her community and sphere of influence. Cultivating a personal sense of style, she uses her social media platform, enabling her to walk confidently in a new world order, speaking with passion on the most pressing issues tugging at her heart.

Of her work in the community, Mayra states, “My participation in these philanthropic pursuits is with the hope for individuals and organizations to find their voice with my help, to open doors for awareness, guidance, assistance, and direction. For me, this includes social platforms for advocacy to thrive. “

Mayra Joli truly loves her community with her whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Now, she wants to move to the next level through service to her community in the United States Congress, District 27. Please vote for Mayra Joli in 2018.

Mayra is NOT affiliated with ANY Political Party.

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